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University of Manitoba Finance Organization


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Devin Hnatiuk - President

My name is Kole Kisil and I am a third year Finance and Account major at the Asper School of Buisness. I have been involved in UMFO in some facet since my first year of university as a member. The following year I was selected to be the Director of Internal Operations and finally this year I am proud to serve UMFO as its President.

My primary objective this year is to provide as much value to members as possible. This will be accomplished by maximizing exposure to finance professionals, building strong relationships among students as well as helping members to gain relevant skills and knowledge. We will be having monthly member meetings with finance professionals from varying backgrounds such as Investment Banking, Asset Management, Investment Advisory and more.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about UMFO or would just like to chat.

Email- Kolekisil@gmail.com

LinkedIn - ca.linkedin.com/in/kolekisil